Red Wine Glasses for 2022

By Bridget Reed

Feb 24, 2022

Red Wine Glasses for 2022

 If you have recently seen yourself progress from a casual wine drinker who did not pay much attention to the details of the wine or the glass to a wine snob who is obsessed with the details — then join the club.


Thanks to two years of the majority of us increasing our wine intake to deal with the curveballs that life continues to throw our way, becoming a wine snob has been a very real thing for most of us. But hey, we’re not complaining.


In fact, drinking wine is one of the best pleasures life brings, and has been for hundreds of years. So now, chances are you will not just be focusing on the red wine you buy, but the red wine glasses that you pour it into. This is because wine glasses matter in terms of determining your overall drinking experience.


In fact, you will likely hear Michelin Star chefs agree that their masterpiece meals are designed to be paired with a specific type of wine. So when you take a cooking class, you will not only learn how to prepare beautifully curated dishes, but also how great wine glasses are really a table essential.


So we have rounded up the best wine glasses for 2022 that have been recommended by sommeliers.


What Makes a Red Wine Glass Special?

Before we pour all the details about the must-have red wine glasses of the year, let’s start with an overview of what makes red wine, so special, the unique glasses it is poured into, and why it is the most popular type of wine around the world.


Here are six things you need to know about red wine to appreciate the glasses they are poured into.


1. Red Wine Is Good for You

Yes, it is true. A glass of red wine a day can actually be good for your overall health, according to the experts. While everything should be done in moderation and you should of course discuss the benefits of wine on your own health with a doctor or nutritionist, the fact of the matter is that the polyphenols in red wine are actually an antioxidant that can help your heart stay healthy. But it also has melatonin, which is why a glass of red wine helps some people sleep better.


2. The Skin Makes It Red

Many people do not realize this fact, but it is the skin of the grapes that make the colour of the wine red. This is because the grape’s skin is actually involved in the entire fermentation process, producing a rich red in the Pinot Noirs, Bordeauxs, and Ports you drink. In comparison, the white wines have no pigmentation because the grape’s juice is separated from the skin upfront.


3. Red Wine Is the Most Popular

Red wines rule the world, literally. Recent studies have found that most consumers will drink almost five times more red wine than white wine in the United States, with the most popular varieties being Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. So pinkies up as you sip on your red wine, as you are very much drinking “on trend”.


4. The Temperature Matters

Now, this is extremely important to understand, as red wines are created to drink at a certain temperature, usually around 14-17 degrees Celcius. This is actually why there is so much fuss around the design of a red wine glass, as the entire design is strategic to ensure that this exact temperature range can be maintained so you can have the ultimate drinking pleasure.


5. Choose From Eight Varietals

There are so many different types of red wines to choose from, with some being much more full-bodied than others. The eight that you get the pleasure of choosing from, and which will likely have a specific red wine glass to pour into, are Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlot, Malbec, Zinfandel, Syrah, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, and Pinot Noir.


6. It’s All About Aging

There is a reason that older red wines will be more expensive, and that is because they become lighter with age. In fact, some people will hold on to red wine for decades before drinking it. If you are someone who collects wine only to bring it out for a celebratory reason years later then you will most definitely want a red wine glass that supports the intensified


The Best Red Wine Glasses

So when it comes to an incredible red wine to enjoy, you need an incredible red wine glass to match. There are many different types of red wine glasses, all crafted with different intentions. Here are the best that the best in the business recommend.


1. The Universal Red Wine Glass

While there are some red wine glasses that are designed for a specific type of red wine in mind, there is the universal red wine glass to also consider. Tried and tested with all the varietals out there, this red wine glass is approved by experts and beloved by wine drinkers. The elegant and modern shape can literally support it all, in addition to being safe to put in the dishwasher too.


With all the intricacies that red wine glasses need, it is no surprise that this has become a go-to red wine glass for all red wine lovers. It will likely be the only red wine glass you will ever need again.


2. The One Made for Aromas

The sweet and full-bodied aromas of red wine are reason enough to want to make a pour. So this set of four has nailed it when it comes to creating a wine glass design that enhances the profiles of red wines. 

In fact, it is no surprise that this wine glass is used in tasting rooms and top-tier restaurants alike. The intricacies of the design in this wine glass create a shape that really supports the aromas and tannins that make this wine so great.


3. The Tumbler Version

While traditional red wine glasses have stems incorporated into the design to prevent your hand’s warmth from altering the temperature of the wine, tumblers have become all the rage in the last few years. These red wine tumblers have ditched the stemware and instead gone for creating a casual red wine glass.


Created with function in mind, these red wine tumblers are still uniquely shaped to support the varietals of red wines out there, from cabernet to merlot. These red wine glasses make it perfect for those casual summer days drinking in your backyard with friends.


4. The One Made With Crystal Glass

The type of glass that is used for red wine glasses really does matter. And when it comes to the best around, crystal wine glasses are sure at the top. This type of glass is not only lead-free but is also required to be hand blown. This allows for a really unique design to result, which allows for a double bend feature in the glass.


The double bend in this red wine glass acts as a natural marker for the amount of wine you should pour in for a quick taste versus a standard drink. And when not in use, you will likely want to have this tastefully designed red wine glass on display.


5. The Really Large One

There are two reasons to have an oversized red wine glass. First, it helps ensure that the aromatics of the wine are well balanced and you have plenty of room in the bowl to swirl up all the flavours before sipping. 

The second reason is that it allows for a bit more generous of a pour so that you do not constantly have to refill. In fact, this large red wine glass can hold over 30 ounces of wine, but we definitely do not recommend filling it all the way up.


6. The Coloured One

While traditionally red wine glasses are made of clear glass, there is something special and unique about a coloured red wine glass. Coming in different hues that resemble crowned jewels, these red wine glasses can really help bring an ambiance to life when throwing a dinner party.


The best part about these red wine glasses is that the colours can be mixed and matched. Providing a fun feeling for the day or evening of wine drinking ahead, the coloured red wine glass is one that everyone should have.


7. The One That Comes in a Set

Sometimes, the best red wine glasses actually come in a set that is part of a wider collection of wine glasses. This not only makes the curation of a complete wine glass set easier by getting the red, white, and champagne glasses all in one but ensures that the style and design match the wider group. Best of all, this can go in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up after a wine night with your friends.

Time for a Glass of Red

Red wine glasses are something everyone should have in 2022. From hand blow options to ones that add an extra pop of colour into your life, there is the right one out there for you that has been approved by the best sommeliers in the industry. If you’re looking for the best of the best, Banquist offers amazing kitchenware, from chef-approved knives to dinner plates. Check out our incredible selection.



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