Indian Cooking Classes Online

By Bridget Reed

Jan 18, 2022

Indian Cooking Classes Online

Even if you aren’t hopping on a plane to India just yet, you can still travel the world with exquisite flavours by signing up for an Indian cooking class online.

Indian food boasts an international array of ingredients, with the flavours intertwined in the colourful culture and history of India. Dishes range from spicey curries, garlic naan bread, and vegetables so flavourful your taste buds will likely wonder if you truly are eating greens.

And right now, there is no better time to master your Indian cooking skills than signing up for a class online. Thanks to the world needing to go virtual to remain connected the last two years, virtual cooking classes have skyrocketed. Now, you can easily access cooking classes led by the world’s best chefs while you are in the comfort of your own kitchen.

To help you spice up your home cooking and learn the secrets to a great curry we are dishing out all the details around what you need to know about taking an Indian cooking class online and the delicious things you can look forward to once you sign up.

How To Sign Up

As we mentioned at the start, there is no shortage of excellent Indian cooking classes out there. But it is important to keep in mind that all online classes are not the same in terms of how they work.

Some classes run a livestream over their social media channels or Zoom, with the chef walking through those who sign up in real-time. A benefit to this is that you get a similar atmosphere and experience than you would if you were learning in-person at an actual culinary school.

However, we know that you likely lead a very busy life, and trying to organize your schedule to match these live classes online can be challenging. Plus, you’ll need to prepare the ingredients yourself in advance of the class.

That is why we offer a more flexible option to learn from the very best chefs who have perfected Indian cuisine. Our online cooking classes work to your schedule, where you select the course and the date ahead of time. We’ll get everything prepared for you, where you will then get to follow along to an on-demand tutorial that you can play whenever your kitchen is ready to go.

A great option for those looking to take an Indian cooking class now is to enroll in the four-part course led by Michelin star chef Atul Kochar, where you will learn to master cooking Indian fusion. Kochar is the first Indian chef to ever receive a Michelin star and is a pioneer in cultivating the Indian fusion cooking scene.

What To Expect

When you sign up for an Indian online cooking class with us, you can expect the experience to be as simple and stress-free as possible.

First, we will be preparing the meal kits for your cooking class and delivering them to your door in the freshest possible state. You can expect lots of spices to be in your kit, as making great Indian food is all about embracing the spices. The ingredients that you receive at your doorstep will be the exact same as what the instructor uses during the course itself.

Next, you will be sent exclusive access to the on-demand video tutorials. These are designed in a way that allows you to start, pause and stop the course whenever you please. 

Not only are the videos designed to be informative and helpful, but entertaining as well. Our Michelin star chefs have deliciously entertaining personalities, so the cooking class will likely be full of laughs and smiles as well.

Finally, you will get to cook the food during the class and of course, enjoy it. Depending on how much of a splurge you want, you can also decide to have a wine pairing with your cooking class, so you can discover a new wine with each course that you make.

What You Will Learn

You will walk away from your online Indian cooking class full of knowledge and zest for cooking more Indian recipes.

The Michelin star chefs who lead the classes often share their own personal tips and secrets as well, in addition to their exclusive recipe.

In an Indian cooking class, topics that are likely going to be covered include the types of ingredients Indian recipes use, how to perfectly balance out spices, European techniques that can be used for traditional Indian dishes, making the most delicious naan bread, and why onions are often the most important ingredient to any Indian dish.

Final Thoughts 

Taking an online Indian cooking class will add some great flavour to your life, help you mix up your weekly meal planning, and provide a fun way to experience foreign cultures from the comfort of your home.


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