Best Knife Sets of 2021

By Bridget Reed

Jan 18, 2022

Best Knife Sets of 2021

When it comes to kitchen knives, you want a set that is low maintenance but performs to a high-quality standard.

In fact, the best knife sets are the ones that fall within your budget while always ensuring you can cut, dice and slice in the kitchen efficiently. The best chefs will tell you that super sharp knives make cutting easier. There is nothing worse than having to spend way too much time trying to dice up your ingredients and not getting much luck. Plus, you don’t want to risk accidentally cutting yourself instead out of frustration.

So, we have gathered up the best knives for every budget and set that will help you cut the roast beef you made or slice up the onion for your pasta sauce. When you go to take your online cooking classes and learn from Michelin Star chefs, they will all tell you the same thing—invest in the best knife set that you can.

But not all knife sets are created equal. There are not only budgetary restraints to consider, but also the style of the knife, the range of knives included in the set, and the sizes of the knives.

As a rule of thumb, the set should at least include a quality chef’s knife. But you will need a whole range of other knives too. You will want a knife to slice the bread, a knife to dice up the garlic, and maybe even a knife to debone a fish.

Each kitchen is set up differently and each chef has a different range of needs. That is why we have gathered up all the sets of knives that make the cut for the best of 2021. From considering storage to price points, here are the best knife sets for you to consider welcoming into your own kitchen.

The Signature Knife Block

Not only does this knife set look aesthetically pleasing, but it also comes with a whole range of efficient knives for every need you could ever have in the kitchen. There’s the paring knife, the serrated knife, the chef’s knife, the kitchen knife, the bread knife, the carving knife, and even a knife block you can use to sharpen the knives in your kitchens. Best of all, they come in a knife block for storage and will sit proudly on your kitchen countertop. The details go all the way to the design of the storage block, with strategic magnets placed in each slot so that the blades do not run up against the edges—ensuring longevity in their sharpness.

The Set That Sharpens Themselves

Why not invest in a knife set that does the sharpening for you? Some of the best knife sets to bring into your kitchen are designed to be low-maintenance and all-inclusive. First, let’s start with the type of knives that you get—ranging from a chef’s knife to a bread knife and even kitchen scissors.

But the best feature of this set is the knife block itself, which includes ceramic sharpeners that are actually integrated into the design. This means that every time you pull a knife out of the block or insert it back in, the knife gets a quick little sharpen. Not only does this maximize the efficiency of cutting, but means you don’t have to dedicate time and procrastinate about actually sharpening those knives. The efficiency comes with a more expensive price tag, but we think it is certainly worth it for the convenience and innovation.

The Set Anyone Can Afford

Sometimes the best knife sets come in an assortment of rainbow colours and fall well within your budget. While the more affordable sets of knives do not come with a storage block, they do come with covers so that they can be stored safely in any drawer in your kitchen. The assortment of knives in this set are ones any basic home chef would need and includes your peeling knife, paring knife, serrated knife, utility knife, and chef’s knife.

Because this set is designed for the more leisurely cook, the grips of these knives are really user-friendly and include texture to make the grip easier. While they are not designed to last forever, you will get great use out of this set. And because they are so budget-friendly, you will have no problem buying a new set when the time does come.

The Set for Professionals

If you are an aspiring Master Chef, then you should up your game with a set of knives designed for professionals. Some of the best to consider are ones that come with a selection of Japanese-style knives. This set will be your deba knife for cutting meat or fish, your santoku knife for cutting anything, and a nakiri knife for slicing vegetables.

First, the presentation and storage of this type of set are worthy of photographs. Coming in a beautiful gift box lined with satin, this collection is something you will want to proudly show off on your kitchen counter. Plus, the design of the knives is exquisite—with the stainless steel blades, wooden handles, and little details that make this set double as a piece of art.

Then there is the practicality of this set. Because they are to a professional standard, they cut like an absolute dream. The design is well balanced for performance and it feels as if zero effort is required to cut through the toughest of meats. But you will want to take very good care of these knives and get the guidance of an expert when it comes to sharpening the blades.

The Set Designed for Safety

It can be dangerous doing all that cutting with a knife. In fact, it is common for most rising chefs to cut themselves at least once or twice during the early stages of their careers. But you don’t have to settle for the unfortunate accidents when there are knife sets out there specifically designed for your safety. The best sets for safety will come with all your basic knives like a paring, utility, chefs, and santoku knife.

But the biggest difference with these knives is that the edges are squared off to help lower the risk of any accidents happening in the kitchen. Plus, they are coated with a special non-stick material so there is no food that gets stuck, which once again lowers the risk of injury in the kitchen. These knives are great for those who are wanting to up their games with recipes but are still getting comfortable with how to work various knives.

The Set That Has a Lifetime Guarantee

Some knife sets are so good that you only need to buy one set of knives your entire life. Some of the most premium sets come with an actual lifetime guarantee. What makes these knives so incredible is the way they effortlessly chop up ingredients while also boasting a polished design and numerous safety features.

Design is just as important as functionality when it comes to the sets that are meant to last forever. That is why these types of sets do not come in your standard storage block. Instead, they come in bamboo holders designed to provide artistic value to your kitchen when not in use. While you will pay more upfront, you can build a really long relationship with your collection of knives on your way to becoming a Master Chef.

The Minimalist Knife Set

Minimalism is all the rage right now, so chances are you want your kitchen to have that same vibe as well. So one of the best knife sets to get right now is a knife set designed to help you achieve just that. The design of the storage is simple and modern, with the collection of knives fitting in a circular clear tube and providing a unique floating look to the knives. Plus, this set also comes with a sharpening rod and detailed instructions on how to care for each and every knife.

The knives themselves keep to the minimalist trend as well. Made with just one solid piece of steel and a clean handle, these knives are effortlessly cool. It’s a great investment for any modern household who wants to have a knife set double as design and functionality in the most simplistic of ways.


Overall, choosing the best knife set is a personal decision. While many fantastic options graced homeware stores this year, it all comes down to your personal preference of what will work best for you and your needs.

You can choose from sets of knives that are budget-friendly, that are designed for Michelin Star chefs, or even ones that put safety over everything else. You can even go for one that has a lifetime guarantee.

So when it comes to choosing the best set of knives for you, keep in mind all the various qualities that you need, your style in the kitchen, and which set makes you most excited to cook. Treat yourself and get inspired about cooking by picking your knife set and starting to chop, slice and dice in style! 


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