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The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe! (2021)

By Bridget Reed

Dec 7, 2021

Yorkshire pudding close-up

Are you even from the UK if you don’t like Yorkshire pudding?

This classic British treat has been around for centuries, with the simple recipe passed down between generations and perfected for you to now recreate in your own kitchen.

Now, we know what you may be thinking. The thought of having to re-create this iconic dish in your own kitchen instead of your local pub for a Sunday roast can sound intimidating. But we are here to say that you can easily learn the basics from Master Chefs and make your homemade Yorkshire pudding taste better than the store-bought ones. 

All a Yorkshire pudding consists of is a savoury pudding made from an egg, four, and milk.  

This humble British dish is one that was created for the common folk to create for their Sunday roast dinner, but when done right, a Yorkshire pudding is best eaten by itself.

In addition to using our exclusive menus and step-by-step cooking courses, we’ve created the ultimate guide for how to make the best Yorkshire pudding and share the best recipe that we know of.

Before we share our recipe for the perfect Yorkshire pudding with you, let’s review a few essential tips and tricks that you will want to keep in mind so you can confidently whip up the best batch of Yorkshire pudding you have ever made.

<h2> Our Top Tips and Tricks for Yorkshire Pudding </h2>

It’s All About the Fat

One of the best tips for making your Yorkshire pudding rise to perfection is the type of fat that you are using in the tray. While olive oil may seem like the healthier oil to choose from, it won’t add that magic spark to the mixture that sunflower oil or vegetable oil can. 

It is the oil that drives the reaction between the heat and the batter that will make the Yorkshire pudding rise tall in the oven. You will also want to make sure that the oil is nice and hot in the tray before you pour the batter in, so put just the tray in the oven first to get the oil sizzling and roaring to go. If there are any tips that we hope to stick with you, it’s this one. Hot, quality sunflower or vegetable  oil is everything in this recipe

Take Your Time With the Batter

It is important to let the Yorkshire pudding mixture rest before you let it bake. This is a sure way to let all the ingredients soak in together and be sure to work collectively in creating the most delicious and fluffy Yorkshire pudding you have ever made. The foolproof tip is to let the batter sit for at least 15 minutes. You will be amazed at what the extra time will do for the recipe.

Don’t Mess With the Oven

When it comes to making the best Yorkshire pudding, heat is everything. You will want to ensure that there are no temperature changes with the oven once the tray goes in. 

You will know when they are on the right track when they not only start to rise but also develop that perfect-looking golden-brown crust. You will also want to be aware of the temperatures in the kitchen and make sure no gust of cold air is at risk of deflating your Yorkshire puddings once they come out of the oven.

Be Precise With the Ingredients

There are not that many ingredients for the Yorkshire pudding recipe. You will want to make sure that you are diligent in measuring the ingredients to give the mixture the best chance of rising in the oven.

A great rule to follow when making Yorkshire pudding is to ensure there is an equal amount of egg, milk, and flour mixed in. If the balance is off, the mixture could become too dense to rise properly in the oven.

Beat It and Beat It Again

You don’t want to go easy on the batter when it comes to Yorkshire pudding. You will want to beat it thoroughly, let it rest, and then beat it again. The goal is to get a lump-free mixture that is ready to rise as soon as it hits the sizzling oil.

Fill It Cautiously

When you are filling the tins with the mixture, it is important that you don’t fill it all too much. Try to have the mixture go two-thirds of the way up in each filling, but any higher and it could make it too challenging for the Yorkshire puddings to rise as a result of the batter weight. Take your time with this part, as preciseness will pay off.

The Best Recipe for Yorkshire Pudding

Our recipe is one of the best because it is simple, easy to prepare, and produces exceptional results in the kitchen. In total, you will want to allow around five minutes of preparation time for the ingredients, plus an additional 15 in resting the mixture. The baking time will be around 20 minutes in total and will produce eight deliciously large Yorkshire puddings to share at the dinner table.

The Ingredients You Need

The ingredients you need for the Yorkshire pudding recipe are quite simple and you will likely already have it all at home. Here is what you will need:

1. 140 grams of plain flour

2. Four eggs

3. 200 milliliters of milk

4. Sunflower oil

Simple Steps for the Best Yorkshire Pudding

1. The first step is getting the temperature just right for the Yorkshire pudding. As we mentioned earlier, the temperature is everything when it comes to getting the mixture to rise quickly and evenly in the oven. The perfect temperature to set the oven to is 230 degrees Celcius without the convection fan on.

2. While you wait for the temperature to rise, take your muffin or cupcake tin and start to prepare it. You will want to generously drizzle sunflower oil into each of the spaces.

3. Next up is making the batter. You will combine the 140 grams of flour into a large bowl and then beat each of the four eggs in until it is nice and smooth. Once these two ingredients are combined, you will add 200 milliliters of milk and keep mixing the ingredients together until there are no lumps left. Let rest.

4. While the mixture is resting, place the muffin or cupcake tin full of sunflower oil into the oven and let it start sizzling. After around five or 10 minutes, take it out of the oven.

5. Now that the oil is nice and hot, you will be able to prepare the batter for the oven. First, give the batter one more whip together to smooth out any air bubble that may have developed during the rest period. Next, you will pour the batter slowly into the compartments of the tin. As we noted in our tips, make sure it is only filled up two-thirds of the way at a maximum

6. Once all the compartments are full of the batter, you will place the tray back into the oven for at least 20 minutes. Be sure not to adjust the temperature in the slightest or open the oven door at all during this time. You will know they are close to ready once the Yorkshire puddings have begun to puff up and have a beautiful golden brown crisp to them.

7. Serve the Yorkshire puddings as soon as they are finished in the oven. While we doubt that there will be any leftovers of these, if there are, you can store them in your freezer for up to one month.

Final Thoughts on Yorkshire Pudding

This simple dish is a sure way to impress friends and family with your culinary skills. With ingredients that are simple, cheap, and easily available to you, it is a recipe you can continually practice and get better at. 

The true trick to making this recipe work is to take it one step at a time, focus on the task at hand, and do not rush the process. Practice and patience make perfect when it comes to making your own Yorkshire puddings.

A great dish to make for your Sunday roast, a potluck dinner, or a mid-week treat to liven up your work-week, Yorkshire puddings are a treat all ages will enjoy eating and that we know you will enjoy making.



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