Online Cooking Classes for Kids

By Bridget Reed

Jan 18, 2022

Online Cooking Classes for Kids

Regardless of how picky your child is when it comes to eating at the dinner table, you can help your kids learn to love food with an online cooking class.

As parents, a huge obligation that is undertaken is ensuring that your kids are fed and properly nourished every single day. This results in you probably spending more time in the kitchen than you would have ever imagined.

But now, your little ones can develop cooking skills for kids, help out in the kitchen and even start to understand how to use kitchen tools.

There are many benefits of your kids taking an online cooking class that is catered to them specifically. Not only can they learn through cooking, but they can even develop a passion that extends beyond video games or social media.

Whether your kids are still little tots or are growing up into their teenage years, there is a range of online cooking classes suitable for them. And best of all, we offer them a chance to cook with the world’s best chefs through our Michelin star collaborations.

So if you are thinking of entertaining and enriching the lives of your children through a cooking class, we are here to help. Here is everything you should know before signing your kids up for an online course and having them take over your kitchen for an afternoon.

A Variety of Online Classe

It is important to remember that not all online cooking classes for kids are created equally.

The way in which the online courses are designed can vary depending on who you sign up with. Some classes are run with a Livestream, in which there is a designated time that your kids will need to log into and they will follow along to the instructing chef in real-time. If you sign your kids up for this type of class, just remember to source your own ingredients ahead of time so you can be sure they will have everything they will need.

Then, there are the online classes that do all the preparations for you and make the courses convenient for your own busy schedule. When you book a kids cooking course through us, we will source all the ingredients required in the recipes and deliver them directly to your home on the date you have pre-selected. You will then get access to on-demand videos for your kids to follow along.

What Our Online Classes for Kids Are Like 

All of our online cooking classes for kids are designed to be fun, entertaining, educational, and delicious.

One of the most recent that we are offering is the kids’ baking course with Paul Foster. Paul is an incredible chef who owns the Michelin-starred Salt. He is also an adoring father of two and knows the secret recipe for getting kids into cooking.

With this course, there will be up to eight different classes for the kids to follow along. When signing up, they will be able to pre-select if they would prefer to learn to bake savoury items or sweet items. These include rosemary focaccia, cheese souffle, brookies, and a salted caramel profiterole tower.

We are continually cooking up some new collaborations with top Michelin star chefs, offering new opportunities for your kids to continue their cooking journey online.

Benefits Your Kids Will Get 

With every decision as a parent, you will want to make sure that your kid benefits long-term.

When it comes to signing your kid up for an online cooking course, here are just a few of the many benefits you can expect them to receive:

  1. Learn important life skills: At some point, your child will have to be able to cook for themselves. But rather than make it a dreaded chore that comes with adulthood, you can make it an enjoyable part of their childhood. There is no better time to learn a skill than when you are a child with a developing brain, and learning how to cook is certainly an important life skill to have.
  1. Grow their self-confidence: Kids thrive when they feel independent and have gained mastery over a skill. In fact, your kid may be so confident in the kitchen after a few cooking classes they’ll be offering to make you dinner for a change.
  1. Integrate school curriculum: Cooking requires a range of reading, science, and math skills. So having your kid figure out a recipe during an online cooking class will help them put into practice skills that they are learning from school as well.

Final Thoughts 

Your kid will love cooking along with an online class in your kitchen. With a range of options to choose from and endless benefits that will help them in many different aspects of life, there is no better time to sign your kid up for a cooking class than today.


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