Large Wine Glasses That'll Be Sure To Fit a Large Pour

By Bridget Reed

Feb 24, 2022

Large Wine Glasses That'll Be Sure To Fit a Large Pour

 Wine is not only an indulgence to enjoy, but a form of therapy to help us get through the rough times and enjoy the good times.


Drinking wine is one of the best pastimes for many adults. There is no better weekend getaway than heading off to wine country for a weekend of tastings at all the best vineyards — with the promise of discovering your new favourite wines.


The art of drinking wine is also so much more than just the different grapes that are used or the oak barrels it ages in. In fact, a huge part of the wine experience is done through drinking out of the best wine glasses available.


Not only do vineyards and Michelin Star restaurants take note of ensuring patrons can drink in style, but strategically select the wine glasses that will best support the overall journey from pour to the palate.


The wine glass itself is designed to enhance the way that a wine both smells and tastes, with every detail from the height of the stem to the width of the bowl being thought out. That is why there is such a variety of wine glasses for you to choose from, with the significant difference being spotted between a wine glass that is meant to hold a Burgundy versus a wine glass that is meant to hold a Chardonnay.


And most surprisingly, wine glasses are getting significantly bigger over the years. In fact, large wine glasses are now the trend for those that love a good sipping session. In fact, when you look at the kitchenware you have in your own home, you will likely notice that your wine glasses are one of the most essential to have. In fact, many expert chefs agree that if you are going to invest in only a few things for the kitchen, wine glasses should certainly be one of them.


Not only will quality wine glasses allow you to unwind and relax in the aromatic pleasures wine provides us with, but will help you perfectly pair your wines with the meals you make during your online cooking class.


 Why Are Wine Glasses Getting Bigger?

If you have recently found yourself surprised that after one glass of wine you feel quite tipsy, then you are not alone. The truth of the matter is, wine glasses have been growing in size over the years, especially in the last two or so decades.


There are many different reasons for this. One of the main ones is that we are generally evolving as bigger wine drinkers in this decade than ever before. So it makes sense that wine glasses are becoming bigger to accommodate.


In fact, some wine experts suggest that the average wine size has evolved by nearly 300ml when comparing wine glasses from the 1700s to wine glasses in the 2000s. Many argue that the main reason for this has to do with the uptick in average consumption of wine per person.


So larger wine glasses are likely here to stay. This is why we are rounding up the top big wine glasses that you need to try for yourself.


The Best Big Wine Glasses

We know that investing in the perfect wine glass is a big deal. So we have tapped into the experts to give us their insight into the best big wine glasses for every type of tipple.


1. The Wine Critic and Designer Collab

When the two glorious worlds of wine and design collide, you really do get the ultimate big wine glass. Proving to be extra special and something that you will still want to display even when not in use (but let’s be honest, that will be a very rare occasion), this wine glass has been created to not only display wine in the most beautiful way but create the ultimate drinking experience as well.


This big wine glass has been tested with nearly every type of wine — from champagne to port — and the general consensus from critics is that this wine glass sure is a winner. Allowing for a cheeky extra bit of pour into the glass without it becoming obvious how much you are actually sipping on, this wine glass has the perfect curves and ridges to create an effortless sip every single time.


2. The Set of Two

What is better than one big wine glass? Two big wine glasses! Experts love this stylish duo of two large wine glasses that complement each other in every single way. Designed by expert glassmakers, they have added not only a larger bowl but a smoky shadow that adds a level of mystique to the wine glass.


What makes this feature so special is that the wine itself seems to be instantly enhanced from the darker shade of glass and also gives a modern vibe to trendy wine drinkers. The uniqueness is something that comes in handy when hosting and allows you to never have to drink solo — as you have a replica of that very wine glass on standby.


3. The One for the Cab Savs

If you are endeavouring to sip your way through a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, then this big wine glass is the perfect one for you. The design is proportioned in a generous way that still allows the wine itself some breathing room while also enabling the aromatics to easily make their way to your senses.


Of all the stunning features of the glass, it is the spacious bowl of this wine glass that really separates it from the rest. While still maintaining the proportional integrity of the classic wine glass design, the bowl itself has been tried and tested in terms of the oxygen levels that can come in and let the wine breathe before being sipped. The final result is satisfaction in wine drinking that you may have never even known existed!


4. The One With Markings

This big wine glass is often regarded as a comical gift to those who have a habit of drinking a lot of wine. But it equally proves to be very practical as well. With different line markings on the bowl of the glass, you will know where to pour for a tasting, regular pour of a full-on splurge.


One of the reasons that experts love this glass is it holds you accountable for how much wine you are actually drinking. Life is all about moderation. So, the line cues on this wine glass ensure that you do not over-indulge, and the wine itself can still be appreciated with every sip.


5. The One With Distinctive Shapes

While some big wine glasses can technically suit every type of wine, there is something special about taking out a specific wine glass for a specific type of wine. The ability to purchase a big wine glass that is designed specifically for the type (or types) of wine you drink is an enormous plus.

Because of the distinctive shapes required to compliment a pinot noir versus a sauvignon blanc, these large wine glasses tend to be created by hand in Europe by artisans who have been trained in the craft for decades. A cool fact with these wine glasses is that the size of the bowl is crafted to perfectly match the height of the stem — creating an incredible wine drinking experience that helps the wine keep its perfect temperature. These tend to be a bit pricier, but exquisite wine drinking comes with a price tag and is totally worth it.


6. The Big and Sturdy One

Wine drinking from a larger wine glass will likely result in feeling more tipsy than from a standard glass. So it makes sense practically to make sure that the large wine glass itself is strong, sturdy, and can withstand a bit of roughing around. And that is why experts all love the big and sturdy one.


While this wine glass has still managed to maintain the thinness in the glass crystal required to support full-bodied wines, it equally keeps a level of durability that is surprising for how thin it actually is. This is great news, as you can drink generously and frequently from this larger wine glass without having to worry about breakage.


7. The Stemless One

The size of a wine glass is not always determined by the stem itself. In fact, it is the size and width of the bowl that is actually measured. You can still drink from a large wine glass without needing an actual stem.


Stemless wine glasses have become more and more popular over the years, especially for those casual drinking environments. And visually, the lack of stem will certainly make the wine drinking efforts from this glass look way more impressive. These are great for that everyday drink, with an additional perk of being able to put in the dishwasher without risking a broken stem.


Pour Yourself a Glass

These seven large wine glasses are all designed to enhance your tipples, sips, and wine-drinking endeavours. And don’t forget, Banquist offers the best kitchenware, from chef-approved knives to dinner plates. Check out our incredible selection.




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