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The Best Honey Roasted Parsnips Recipe 2021

By Bridget Reed

Dec 7, 2021

Honey parsnips sitting on a white dinner plate.

Before we get into sharing the best honey-roasted parsnip recipe of 2021, we want to address an important topic.

Parsnips are all too often regarded as the pale, more boring cousin to the carrot. But we are here to tell you that parsnips are anything but boring. Parsnips are a root vegetable that is nutrient-packed with all the essential vitamins like vitamin C and can really benefit your immune system

In fact, parsnips can help reduce your risk of health problems thanks to also helping you get the right amount of fibre into your system along with supporting your cardiovascular system. Talk about a power veggie. 

This root vegetable makes for the perfect side dish for your Sunday roast and has been used in dishes for thousands of years. There is a range of ways in which you can prepare parsnips—smashed, roasted, cooked, sauteed, grilled, or fried. But we are going to focus on how to roast them to perfection and explain why a little bit of honey glaze takes this dish to extraordinary new levels of tastiness.

So, while as a kid you may have crinkled your nose at the prospect of having to eat a plate of parsnips, as an adult we know your taste buds will be delighted with this honey-roasted recipe.

Before we share our recipe, we want to provide you with some key tips and tricks in preparing this dish so you can make the most of this recipe.

Tips and Tricks for Honey Roasted Parsnip

Cut Parsnip Consistently

All cuts are not created equal when it comes to roasting parsnip. You will want to cut them consistently down the middle so you are cutting it into two lengthways. 

Then, you will get it in half, coming out with four perfectly even pieces. Continue this while cutting the rest of your parsnip and you will be treated to equal portions of beautifully roasted parsnip.

Roast Precisely in the Oven

After you have your perfectly shaped parsnips, it is time for them to go into the oven. While often regarded as the easiest step of just putting them in the oven, you want to make sure that the oven temperature is just right so you do not over roast them. 

Ideally, it should only take around 30 minutes in the oven before they are all evened out. You want your oven temperature to be at 190 degrees Celsius, but you may need to adjust a little, as the size of your cut parsnips will determine how quickly they roast in the oven.

Have a Large Roasting Pan

This is where many people run into problems—they do not have a large enough roasting tray. The reason you want to place emphasis on the size of your tray is so that when you lay the parsnips out, none of them are actually touching each other or layered on top of one another. 

If this happens, then it will be impossible for your parsnips to actually roast and, instead, you will be left with steamed parsnips that don’t have that otherwise beautiful roasted crunch to them. So for this recipe, the preparation of your parsnips really is a crucial factor in the end result.

Go Big With the Flavours

The trick to deliciously roasted parsnip comes down to the flavouring you use. In our recipe, you will be relying on honey and thyme to bring out the sweet tastes of this root vegetable. But other flavours like cumin, cinnamon, sage, thyme, and rosemary all equally compliment parsnip.  

And if you want your kids to eat your parsnip, the flavouring of it will really be key. So go big with the flavours and make a statement with them.

Prevent the Honey From Burning

One of the biggest issues that people run into with these types of recipes is that the honey ends up burning before the rest of the dish is actually done. A great little trick to prevent this from happening and ensure the honey and the parsnip finish roasting at the same time is to put the honey drizzle on about halfway through the time in the oven. This will allow enough time for the honey to begin to caramelise without burning.

Leftover Parsnip Is Delicious

The final tip with this recipe is that you should not shy away from making too many roasted parsnips, as they taste delicious as leftovers. Simply reheating them the next day makes for a tasty afternoon snack, or throwing them into a pie or soup also makes for great use of leftovers. The more the merrier when it comes to roasting parsnip.

The Best Recipe for Honey Roasted Parsnips

If you want to learn from Masterchefs, then this recipe is for you. To really enhance your skills at making honey roasted parsnip, we recommend getting exclusive video tutorials from Banquist in addition to practicing this recipe. 

In total, it should take around one hour to prepare and cook your golden honey roasted parsnips and serve up to eight people. This means it is the perfect side dish to bring out for any dinner party you are hosting at home.

The Ingredients You Need

Before we go into the steps, you will first want to prepare your kitchen and ensure you have all the ingredients you need. You can either get these ingredients from your local market or get the ingredients delivered straight to your door without ever having to leave your home. Regardless of your method, here is what you need to tick off your list.

1. 500 grams of medium-sized parsnips, cut into fourths

2. One tablespoon of flour and honey

3. Two tablespoons of sunflower oil and butter

Easy Steps To Make the Best Roasted Parsnip

The steps for making honey roasted parsnip are pretty straightforward and simple. You will want to take your time with each step to ensure it is followed precisely to get the best results.

1. First, you will cut off the top and bottom of each of your parsnips. You will then cut them each lengthways into two pieces. Then, cut each one again horizontally so each parsnip ends up in four even pieces. While cutting, have a large saucepan full of water brought to boil on your stove.

2. After your parsnips are cut, place them in the boiling water and cook for five minutes. It is important you do not over steam them, so be sure to pay attention to this part and do not leave them in the boiling water for too long.

3. Next, pour out the hot water into a colander and leave the parsnips in there to dry for a few minutes. While this is happening, heat your oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

4. As the oven starts to heat, you will lightly sprinkle one tablespoon of flour and honey over the parsnip that is drying in the colander. Once finished, toss the parsnip so they are evenly coated with this mixture.

5. Then, lay the parsnip slices on a roasting pan evenly, ensuring that none are touching each other or layered on top of one another. You will then pour two tablespoons of sunflower oil and butter over the parsnip and season lightly with any additional additives you like.

6. Place the roasting tin in the oven and leave it for 40 minutes. Set your timer for 20 minutes so you can turn the parsnips over at the halfway mark. The parsnips should be golden before taking out of the oven.

Bonus: If you are wanting to put a real twist on this recipe, there are a few other flavourings that pair well with the honey. The first is a thyme and sesame seasoning, that is made even better with garlic roasted around the parsnip. 

The next is parmesan and pumpkin seeds, which are mortared together to create a powder that is sprinkled over the parsnip. And finally, poppy seeds and quince seasoning really bring out the sweet flavours of this dish. You will simply dot a small drop of quince on the parsnip halfway through roasting and sprinkle poppy seeds over the roasting tin with five minutes left in the oven.

Final Thoughts on Roasted Parsnip

This simple dish is made delicious by the little additives of flavour you give to the parsnip. With a few straightforward ingredients and steps, this dish will soon become a favourite of yours that you can whip up for any occasion.



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