Gourmet Cooking Classes

By Bridget Reed

Jan 18, 2022

Gourmet Cooking Classes

There is learning to cook, and then there is learning to cook from gourmet chefs.

While it is always a good idea to brush up on your culinary skills through a cooking class, taking a gourmet class will really elevate your meal planning, techniques, and understanding and appreciation of the culinary world overall.

Who doesn’t love a good splurge meal? Fine dining is often associated with having a reason to celebrate. But when you know how to cook gourmet recipes, every meal can be a fine dining experience!

And lucky for you, there is a range of gourmet cooking classes available to take online and in-person right now. This means that you will be able to find the right class to complement your personal interests, budget, and schedule.

Gourmet cooking classes can be enjoyed as a solo activity, a date night experience, a family outing, or even a career cook starter.

So let’s get whisking away and get you signed up for the perfect gourmet cooking class. To help you do just that, we are rounding up everything you need to know about taking a gourmet cooking class, the different types of classes available to you, and what to be prepared for when you take your very first one.

What Are Gourmet Cooking Classes?

Have you ever wondered what makes a gourmet cooking class ‘gourmet’?

At its root, the term ‘gourmet’ literally means a connoisseur of good food and a person who has a discerning palate.

Now, that is not to say that all chefs who teach cooking classes don’t share this same passion. But the chefs who run gourmet cooking classes have established themselves to be some of the very best in the culinary world. They and their restaurants have earned Michelin stars, they have pioneered certain cuisines and people are willing to be on a wait-list to eat food they cook up for months in advance.

In fact, some Michelin-star chefs have people on a wait-list for over a year in advance.

The structure of the gourmet cooking classes will be similar to that of a standard one, albeit small differences will occur in the types of ingredients and techniques used, the recipes that are followed, and the expertise of the teacher.

But it is equally important to remember that not all gourmet recipes are hard and those with little to no experience in the kitchen can still have a deliciously good time cooking away in these classes.

How To Sign Up for a Gourmet Cooking Class?

So how do you sign up for a gourmet cooking class?

Well, as we mentioned at the start, there are a plethora of options out there for you to choose from. And you can sign up to take your gourmet class virtually or in person. It really comes down to personal preference.

So before you sign up for a gourmet cooking class, decide if you want to do it from the comfort of your own home or venture out to a cooking school or restaurant to complete the class. The key factors to influence this decision should be your schedule and budget.

Most gourmet cooking classes can be registered for online. Some require a membership or subscription, others are events that require tickets to be purchased and some are run on social media platforms that require no registration at all.

Once you sign up and mark your calendar, you can start craving this exciting experience that will have you working alongside some of the most influential chefs in the world.

Types of Gourmet Cooking Classes

 There is a range of different gourmet cooking classes on offer, meaning that it will quite literally be a piece of cake to find the best one for you.

Each gourmet cooking class will have its own flavour to it, with a range of different recipes, techniques, and entertainment to enjoy.

Here’s a preview of the range of classes you can choose from if you want to enhance your gourmet cooking class skills.

Virtual Gourmet Cooking Classes

 Online cooking classes in general are some of the most logistically easy to take, meaning that in order to participate you don’t need to venture any further than into your own home kitchen.

One of the biggest benefits of the craziness from the last two years is that Michelin-star chefs are running classes online all over the world now. But it is important to remember that not all virtual gourmet cooking classes are run the same. Here are the various types of virtual gourmet cooking classes you can take.

  1. On-demand virtual classes:

We specialise in offering some of the most indulgent on-demand virtual cooking classes, offering exclusive classes that we collaborate on with the top gourmet chefs in the world. Our goal is to allow you to have a world-class experience from the comfort of your own kitchen and make it as convenient as possible to do the class from start to finish.

When you sign up for an on-demand virtual gourmet cooking class, you will be cooking with a food kit that we deliver fresh to your doorstep and contains all the ingredients you need to follow along to the class. 

You will then also receive access to on-demand videos that are led by a Michelin-star chef. If you want to really elevate the experience, you can also select to have a wine pairing delivered as well.

  1. Livestream virtual classes:

The second type of virtual gourmet cooking class to sign up for is done in a Livestream format. This will require you to sign up in advance, in which you will then receive a link or access code to log in online at the allotted time to follow along to the class in real-time.

This is a fun way to see the gourmet chef in action and feels very similar to that of an in-person course. However, a big difference with this type of virtual class is that you will normally need to source and prepare the ingredients required in advance and make sure you are not late for the start of the course.

We always recommend testing your internet and signing in early to prevent you from missing out on the start of the course, as technical problems can end up being a real bummer.

  1. Social media virtual classes:

The third type of virtual gourmet class to consider is ones that take place on social media. These are often free courses hosted by a gourmet chef on their social media channel, done through either a Facebook or Instagram Live. If their accounts are public then you don’t even have to be following them to gain access.

One of the perks to this is to see all the other participant’s comments in the live feed during the course and feel connected to others who are just as interested in a gourmet cooking experience. 

In-Person Gourmet Cooking Classes

Taking an in-person gourmet cooking class in your local community is another great way to have a delicious foodie experience.

These classes normally take place at a cooking school or at a restaurant, where the gourmet chef will be leading the class in person. These experiences are normally much more exclusive and limited, with tickets to these events often being much more expensive than the virtual courses online.

These types of cooking classes offer a unique opportunity to both cook and eat alongside some of the best chefs in the world and also meet new friends who are equally passionate about the culinary world.

Holiday Gourmet Cooking Classes

 Foodie holidays are one of the biggest trends, with people willing to travel to another country to take a gourmet cooking class.

Whether it be Paris, Mexico, New York, or India, you can have a holiday gourmet cooking class pretty much anywhere you are craving. These classes are great for those who are looking to learn from a world-renowned chef who does not reside in your home country and get a unique cultural immersion experience.

With more and more borders re-opening, options for a holiday gourmet cooking class are becoming more accessible.

Gourmet Cooking Classes for Families

 It is a common misconception that gourmet cooking classes are reserved for adults only. There are many that are actually perfect for families to take together, including a range of online classes that we offer.

From baking classes to pasta-making classes, your entire family can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn from some of the world’s best chefs in either your own home’s kitchen or at a cooking school in person.

No matter the ages of the kids and adults in your family, there will be a challenge and new skills acquired for everyone.

Top Benefits of Taking a Gourmet Cooking Class

 In addition to getting to indulge in world-class food, there are many rewards of taking a cooking class. And with a variety of types of gourmet cooking classes to choose from, those of all ages, nationalities, and income levels can access the best chefs in the business.

Here are some of the top benefits that come with taking a gourmet cooking class:

  1. Watch your confidence rise: As you become more familiar with how to work your way through a kitchen and follow along to recipes, you will equally see your confidence levels rise. And when you are more confident, your food will not only come out better but life will simply seem more enjoyable as well.
  1. Experience new parts of the world: Food offers us a chance to intimately connect with a range of cultures from different countries around the world. Whether you are actually cooking in that specific place or not, gourmet cooking classes allow your taste buds to be transported to unique places through unique recipes.
  1. Create new family recipes: By taking a gourmet cooking class, you will likely be inspired to put your own unique twist on some of the recipes learned. Who knows, this may then translate into a new family recipe that is passed down for generations to come.
  1. Have fun: Everyone deserves to have fun and gourmet cooking classes allow you to do just that. With indulgent food, a vibrant atmosphere and a tasty time to be had, it is near impossible to not have fun in a gourmet cooking class.
  1. Be in the moment: Gourmet cooking classes offer you the chance to forget about all those outside distractions and be fully engrossed in the moment. When we are in the present, it is easier to let go of the stress in our life and relax.  

Terminology To Know for your First Gourmet Cooking Class

 While you don’t need to be an expert chef to take a gourmet cooking class, it is helpful to know some basic terminology in advance of the class. It will make it easier for you to understand the instructions and be a star pupil of the class.

Here are some common terms you will likely encounter during a gourmet cooking class:

  1. a la carte: You will often see this on the menus of fine dining restaurants. This term refers to items that are priced separately and do not come as a complete meal.
  1. Baste: This term is used in recipes for cooking a range of meat. It means to pour either juice or fat over the meat so that it continues to stay moist before eating.
  1. Confit: Refers to cooking meat in its own fat. This is often referred to when cooking duck, which is one of the most exquisite dishes you could have.
  1. Flambe: This term is used to describe the process of pouring alcohol such as brandy or rum into a hot pan, resulting in a flash of flames.
  1. Sauteing: When you need to cook food on high heat and quickly, this term is used to describe that process.
  1. Zest: When you see this term, it means to take the skin part of a lemon or orange and to cut it away from the fruit itself. This will result in a beautiful combination of both aroma and flavour to your dish.

What You Will Learn in a Gourmet Cooking Class

 There is so much to learn in a gourmet cooking class, where do we even begin? Plus, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises of the tips and tricks that the gourmet cooking class will teach you.

But we do want to provide you with a small sampling of what you can expect and the type of knowledge you will walk out of a gourmet cooking class with.

In addition to the benefits we outlined above, gourmet cooking classes provide participants with culinary knowledge from around the world and the tips and tricks that have made your instructing chef one of the very best.

Tip 1: How To Read a Recipe

There is an art form to reading a recipe, and it is something that you should never simply skim over. One of the most common mistakes that people make when cooking on their own is not fully understanding the recipe before following it.

Many of the top gourmet chefs will suggest re-writing the recipe you are about to follow out in your own words first so that your brain not only becomes familiar with it but also allows you a chance to properly prepare and become familiar with it.

The best gourmet chefs will also likely advise you that recipes are not always designed to be set in stone. You are allowed to put your own personal spin on it and get creative in the kitchen. For many of the world’s best gourmet chefs, their ability to get creative and even make mistakes is what led them to become pioneers in the industry.

Tip 2: Confidence Is the Secret Ingredient

The best gourmet chefs are not just the ones who have the most years of experience or are born with a special talent for making incredible food. The best are often the ones who are most confident in the kitchen and can get into a state of ‘flow’ when cooking.

To develop confidence in the kitchen you will need to master both the art of speed and patience—both of which you will learn in a gourmet cooking class.

Tip 3: A Good Knife Is Everything

All gourmet chefs will likely agree, the only thing you need in your kitchen, aside from your ingredients, is a really good knife. Having a gourmet-quality chef’s knife will not only make the prepping of ingredients easier and faster but allow you to do the techniques correctly. 

Often a recipe is made by the way in which the ingredients are prepared. And you will learn how to slice and dice it all in a gourmet cooking class.

Tip 4: Always Have Butter, Salt, and Lemon in Your Kitchen

These are considered to be the ‘superhero’ ingredients amongst gourmet chefs and will elevate nearly any recipe to the next level by adding just a smidge more of each. Butter will make it tastier. Salt will enhance the flavour. And lemon will keep it fresh.

You will likely see all these ingredients used during your gourmet cooking class and fall in love with their superpowers too.

How Much Do Gourmet Cooking Classes Cost?

As we have kept emphasizing throughout this guide, budget is often a determining factor in the type of gourmet cooking class you should sign up for.

It is also important to remember that just because it is the most expensive course, does not necessarily mean it will be the best for you.

The cost of a gourmet cooking class really comes down to the quality of the instructing gourmet chef, the types of ingredients that are provided to students, the number of participants allowed into the class, and whether or not you take the class in person or virtually.

Here are some examples of various costs for gourmet cooking classes:

  1. A semester-long gourmet culinary program: These classes re-occur either daily or weekly, and provide everything from the instructor to the reading materials and ingredients needed. On average, these courses can cost anywhere from £1,500 to £8,000 depending on which program you enroll in. This option is best for those wanting to ignite a flame in their own culinary career and be the next great Michelin-star chef themselves.
  1. A Michelin-star chef instructed 4 part online class: These online courses that we offer are broken down into four different mini-classes, each focusing on a different recipe and technique. From pasta making to baking both sweet and savoury treats,  you will feel like a master after the course is finished. All ingredients are delivered fresh to your door that day and cost £179.99.
  1. A Michelin-star chef limited edition online class: These online classes are exclusive collaborations with the best Michelin-star chefs around, many of who have their own award-winning restaurants in London. Many offer a four-course meal that includes wine pairing, with an average cost of £70, which includes ingredients delivered fresh to your door the day of the class.
  1. A social media livestream class: These classes will allow anyone to tune in on social media and follow along with a gourmet chef’s instructions. You will need to prepare your own kitchen and ingredients prior to participating, but is a great budget-friendly option as the cost to participate is usually free.  

Final Thoughts 

Gourmet cooking classes offer you a chance to learn from the masters of the culinary world in a way like never before. You will not only get access to their incredible recipes but also a chance to engage with them on a much more personal level.

You deserve to fuel yourself with food that makes your taste buds go wild every single day. It is such a core part of life and if prepared correctly, can be one of the biggest sources of joy as well.

Whether you decide to sign up for a gourmet cooking class online, in your local community, or as part of your next overseas adventure, it is an experience that will enhance your life for the better.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the next gourmet cooking class today!


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