Michelin Star Chef, Phil Howard

By Bridget Reed

Jan 18, 2022

Michelin Star Chef, Phil Howard

There are many reasons to want to learn from the world’s best chefs. And one of them is to seriously impress those you are cooking for.

That’s why Phil Howard’s British Showstoppers cooking class is such a hit because he teaches his students all the contemporary culinary tricks to make show-stopping dishes.

Think aged lamb, Cornish turbot, duck, and 28-day aged filet. With Phil’s guidance through our on-demand tutorial videos and a fresh ingredient box delivered directly to your door, it is likely you will start to think that Michelin star cooking is easy—or at least easier than you once thought!

While we offer a range of special culinary experiences that include festive menus for the holiday season and courses for kids to do together in the kitchen, Phil’s class is sure hard to surpass.

Here is all you need to know about the Masterchef himself and why taking a cooking class with him is truly unforgettable.

Who Is Phil Howard? 

 Phil did not have the standard journey towards becoming a Michelin-star chef. In fact, he completely pivoted his career path after University and even had to overcame drug additions to get to where he is now.  

  1. He Is Respected by His Peers 

Phil hasn’t just impressed his patrons who fell in love with The Square—a restaurant that became regarded as a fine dining establishment in London. But he has also impressed the culinary industry altogether. In fact, he is revered by the industry as “the chef’s chef.” Now that is really saying something.

  1. He Has a Degree in Microbiology 

Phil did not always know he would become an award-winning chef. In fact, he studied microbiology at the University of Kent. It was his studious nature and understanding of science that has allowed him to create some of the most mind-blowing cuisines the world has ever seen. And also helped him write a two-volume cookbook.

  1. He Is a Super Athlete 

Phil got his start out as a child by pursuing swimming amongst other sports. But his drug addiction as a young adult led him to put sports on the backburner. Now, he has not only overcome his addiction but he has channeled that discipline into becoming a super athlete, having completed over 25 marathons and 25 triathlons.

  1. He Believes Balance Is Healthy 

While Phil believes that a nutritional diet is important for a healthy life, for him it is all about balance. He’s happy to eat vegetables and chips on the same day without feeling guilty about it. And if it comes to sweet things, he is all about the splurge. To him, life is too short to deprive himself of delicious food.

What To Expect in Phil Howard’s Cooking Class 

Phil’s cooking class is in high demand, so you will have to act fast to sign up for a future one. His class is split up into four lessons, with it being recommended to do one per week.

The biggest benefit to doing Phil’s class is that you do not have to worry about travel arrangements or missing a once-off date. Instead, you can join this unique class in your very own kitchen and not have to worry about showing up late.

Here is what you can expect when you sign up and when you log in to learn from Phil himself.

  1. Customise Your Class  

When you sign up for Phil’s cooking class, you have the ability to customise it so that it is perfect for you. Decide what dates you want to take the class if you want to experience wine matching with the meals (we’d recommend ‘yes’ to that one) and how many people will be joining you in the experience. Cooking at home with Phil’s class is about as personable of an experience as you can get.

  1. Wait for the Delivery 

We work with Phil to source the exact ingredients he uses in his on-demand video tutorials so that you have absolutely everything you need—including that 28 days aged lamb. You can then expect to get the ingredients dropped off at your door fresh based on the day you have selected to do the class. It honestly does not get much easier than that.

  1. Impress With One-of-a-Kind Dishes 

Phil’s classes are designed to teach you Michelin-star-worthy dishes. So you can expect to impress those who you are cooking for with the beautiful design and exquisite flavour in each dish.

Become a MasterChef yourself with the guidance of Phil’s online cooking classes.


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