Michelin Star Chef, Paul Foster

By Bridget Reed

Jan 18, 2022

Michelin Star Chef, Paul Foster

In today’s amazing online world that we live in, it has never been easier to learn from one of the world’s best chefs.

Nowadays, the highest regarded chefs are running their own cooking classes online and providing at-home culinary experiences that are truly out of this world.

And amongst the best online cooking classes to hit the world wide web has been the Kids Cooking Course run by Michelin Star Chef Paul Foster.

Offering both parents and adults alike the chance to improve their cooking skills by learning cultural cuisines from Japan, Mexico, China, and Italy, Paul Foster is bringing culinary holidays into home kitchens—and we could not be more excited.

Who Is Paul Foster?

Before we go into the nitty-gritty details of this phenomenal online cooking class, we want to introduce you to your teacher. Paul is an award-winning chef who also runs Stratford’s only Michelin-star restaurant called Salt.

Here are some fun facts you should know about him before you get to cook in the kitchen alongside his video tutorials.

1. He Is a Father of Two

Paul has two young kids and he understands personally the challenges that come with getting kids to cook with you in the kitchen. That is what makes him the perfect family-friendly chef to teach your family how to cook award-winning cuisine.

2. He Loves Competition

Paul is a competitive chef who values the pressure of needing to step up to the plate (literally) and deliver exceptional meals. He’s competed in a range of national and international chef competitions that bring in some of the industry’s most well-respected culinary masterminds. Awards he has won (in addition to his Michelin Star)  include Best New Entry at Waitrose’s The Good Food Guide and Observer Food’s Chef of the Year.

3. He Started From Nothing

Paul didn’t just fall into success by accident. He worked for years to perfect his craft. And his award-winning restaurant was actually grown from humble roots with a crowdfunding campaign. It was then in 2017 that Salt officially launched after raising £100,000 from patrons who admitted his work in the kitchen. Salt is now a locally-sourced fine dining restaurant on Church Street.

4. He Can’t Live Without BBQ and Music

When asked what items he would take to a remote island, it didn’t take long for Paul to respond with a BBQ, a cookbook, a guitar, and a guitar how-to book. And a little known fact, Paul grew up in local pubs surrounded by local musicians—so this answer is far from surprising.

5. He’s Worked With the Best of the Best

Paul is a true student of the culinary world. He has trained under some of the greatest chefs and as a young adult got his work experience at the French Laundry in Napa Valley. To this day he still idolises this restaurant and takes the lessons he learned decades ago with him on his new culinary ventures.

What To Expect in Paul Foster’s Cooking Class

Paul’s cooking class with us is one of the most anticipated courses of the new year. Premiering in January 2022, the class is designed to give families a chance to have fun and make world-class cuisine from around the world.

 Here is what you can expect in these classes.

1. Your Kids Can Go on a Michelin Star Journey

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get your kids learning from the absolute best in the world and not even having to leave your home to do so (or pay a fortune!). All you have to do is enroll and be prepared for a month-long culinary journey led by Paul.

2. We Deliver to You Weekly

We’ve teamed up with Paul to create this epic worldwide culinary journey. Every Thursday you will get all the ingredients for each recipe delivered fresh to your door. You then get to decide what date and time suit you to do the lessons in your kitchen. And don’t worry, the ingredients will stay fresh for days.

3. Access Paul’s on-Demand Tutorials

Paul has pre-recorded all the lessons in exclusive videos that you will get access to. He has filmed these videos in a fun and engaging way that will keep kids and adults alike interested and entertained. Plus, he’s broken the classes down into step-by-step components so that you can follow along precisely.

4. Master It All From Tacos to Pizza 

Paul has had experience around the world learning from other great chefs, and he has brought this knowledge into the dishes he teaches. From learning how to make chicken tacos and pico de gallo inspired by Mexico to crispy duck pancakes from China, your kids are going to quickly become world-class foodies.


It’s not often you get a chance to learn from the culinary master Paul Foster himself. But with us, you and your kids can do so from the comfort of your own home.


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