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10 Reasons Why You Should Take a Cookery Course

By Bridget Reed

Dec 6, 2021

Group of people wearing blue aprons standing around a chef learning to cook.

There are so many reasons to sign up for a cookery course; where do we even begin?

Well, we will start by saying that everyone has the potential to become a Masterchef in their kitchen. And you have more to offer than your one go-to dish (Toad in the Hole, anyone?) that is sure to impress.

We live in a world where restaurants are no longer always open and we are enjoying time at home more than ever before. So while you may have relied on takeaway meals and dining out to cover your meal planning for the week, it pays off to learn the skills every cook should know

Imagine how great it will feel when you host your own dinner party and your guests won’t stop raving about how incredible your four-course meal was. Or, on a stressed day, you can tap into the emotional benefits from cooking while following along to online cooking courses.

No matter what age you are, where you live, what your income is, and your current culinary skill level, cookery courses are more available to you than ever before. If you want to learn how to cook a turkey, then there is a class for that. If you want to know how to make the perfect Sunday roast, there are exclusive recipes and tips and tricks to follow along to.

And if you are finally enjoying that well-earned holiday, you can learn to cook like a local and bring home a range of international flavours to savour when you do get back home.

If you are pondering signing up for a cookery course, we encourage you to just do it. You can cater it to your own schedule, do it in the most convenient location for you, and receive a whole heap of benefits as a result. To further encourage you to put that apron on, we’ve rounded up the top reasons why you should take a cookery course.

1. Master Basic Culinary Skills

A few basic culinary skills will bode well for you in every single recipe you make. Whether it is learning how to properly set up your kitchen before cooking your meal, how to efficiently chop up various ingredients, or even how to avoid burning pasta, cookery courses will go through all the basics with you. 

Not only will an instructor show you how to do these skills, but you will also get the opportunity to practice as you watch as well. And if you are doing live cookery courses, you can ask questions and get feedback on your techniques. Adding culinary skills to your repertoire will only bode well for you.

2. Discover New Types of Food

There are endless recipes out there that you likely have not discovered yet. Depending on the type of cookery course you take, you will be exposed to a whole new range of foods, recipes, and techniques that help define cultures all around the world. 

The beauty of online cookery courses right now is that you can learn foreign recipes in the comfort of your home and have a taste of Italy, Africa, or America in your kitchen, and you may very well discover your new favourite foods in the process too.

3. Learn Proper Presentation Techniques

Presentation with dishes is everything nowadays, especially with social media and the dominance of foodie images on Instagram. You will gain the skills necessary to turn even a simple prawn cocktail into a photographic masterpiece that deserves a spot in a foodie magazine. 

When you learn how to present food better, it automatically tastes better, too. And it will help you impress your picky eater children, fussy partner, and foodie-obsessed friends, regardless of what you whip up in the kitchen.

4. Gain More Confidence in the Kitchen and in Life

Having the confidence to create a beautiful food dish in the kitchen will not only increase your confidence as a chef but your confidence in general. Even if you have no prior experience cooking, learning a new skill and seeing yourself progress is one of the most rewarding things in life. Plus, these cookery courses will be led by some of the most confident chefs in the world, with their energy sure to transfer over to you too.

5. Host the Ultimate Reunion Dinner

It has been a moment since we have all gathered at a restaurant without any hesitation or worry. While times are still strange, now is the best time to host the ultimate dinner party reunion. 

Invite your friends and family over to your home for a night of catching up, celebrating everything that has been missed, and relaxing with those whom you have missed dearly. Taking a cookery course will give you recipe ideas and cooking hacks to easily make a multi-course meal that looks delicious, tastes delicious, and wows the crowd.

6. Master Recipes That Can Be Passed Down for Generations

There are many gifts you can give your family to have passed down for generations to come. Recipes are one of those. 

When you take a cookery course, you will be able to learn and perfect recipes that you can recreate for your family at home. These recipes can make it on the weekly menu that your family looks forward to and that you one day teach your children how to make—where they will then continue teaching the recipe to their kids, and so on.

 7. It Makes for the Perfect Date Night

Going out in public can still seem stressful for many, and has taken a toll on many of our dating lives. Well, you can bring the spark back with a cooking course, especially one online. 

Invite that special someone over to your home, get the hamper of ingredients for the course delivered to your door, and set the ambiance with candles and soft music in the background. The two of you will have a blast learning new skills, taste-testing each other’s meal, and making memories to last a lifetime.  

8. Give Yourself a Reason To Have Fun

We all too often fall into the trap of being serious and hard-working adults. But we deserve to have fun every now and then. Signing up for a cookery course is the perfect way to spice up your life and enjoy your time while being guided by some of the best in the business. 

You will likely have the chance to socialize and meet new friends as well. A cookery course is a perfect gift to give to yourself.

9. Take Up a New Career Path or Hobby

The last two years have provided us all with opportunities to reflect on our current life, especially when it comes to careers. Signing up for a cookery class could be the first step towards embarking on a whole new chapter in your life and building a career based on cooking. 

When you master the skills and establish your style, you’ll have the chance to work for restaurants around the world and maybe even start your own one day too. And for the retirees, a cookery class provides the perfect hobby to fight off boredom.

10. Make the Most of Time at Home

This one goes without saying, but we felt the need to include it anyway. Cookery courses online allow you to make the most of your time at home. While many are likely wasting time in the day watching Netflix or browsing TikTok, you will be making the most of your newfound time at home and gaining new skills as an additional bonus. Plus, you’ll be able to treat yourself to some delicious meals as well.

Sign Up for a Cookery Course Today

Cookery courses, whether online or in person, provide you with a range of benefits that will help you in all stages of life. The beauty of cookery courses is that there really are not any age limits for who can participate, meaning everyone can enjoy becoming Masterchefs. The ability to create masterpieces in the kitchen is a skill that you will have for the rest of your life, allowing you to impress family, friends, and strangers alike.

Plus, cookery courses allow us to spend time with ourselves, those we love and also meet new friends as well. In a world where being social is still as important for our wellbeing as ever, it is even sweeter when done over food.

With all these reasons and more, why wouldn’t you enroll in a cookery course today?


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