Forever Knife Set™
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Banquist Forever Knife Set™
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  • Forever Knife Set™
  • Forever Knife Set™
  • Forever Knife Set™
  • Forever Knife Set™
  • Forever Knife Set™
  • Forever Knife Set™
  • Forever Knife Set™


Forever Knife Set™

The ultimate 6 piece chef's knife set, without the price tag. Built to last you a lifetime.


• Michelin Star chef approved
• Super sharp, ultra hard german steel
• Carbon neutral & sustainable
• Guaranteed for 100 years
• 60-day test drive included

Knife block not included

Limited Time Offer: Save £100! 
£299.99 £199.99

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You've been ripped off.

Other brands would charge £600 for this set. Not us.

We use the best materials, craftsmanship, and design.

Guaranteed for 100 years. We're that confident.

  • Chef's

    Your best friend in the kitchen. The workhorse, the beast. So useful it rarely makes it into the knife block.

    The ultra strong spine, broad heel, and curved blade make this the ultimate chopping machine.

    Good for:

    • Heavy duty chopping

  • Serrated

    Unfairly labelled the bread knife, the Banquist serrated knife is up to a lot more than sourdough.

    The blade design easily saws through anything thick, fluffy, or resistant.

    Good for:

    • Bread (duh)

    • Anything with a resistant skin, like tomatoes.

  • Santoku

    Known in Japan as ‘Three Virtues’; cutting, slicing, and chopping. OK, so all the knife stuff.

    The blade’s dimples stop food from sticking to the blade. The broad design is great for scooping chopped veg.

    Good for:

    • Slicing into meat/fish.

  • Boning

    A must-have for any pro kitchen. This does the bloody work so the other knives don’t have to.

    We’ve designed this knife to easily pick away bone from meat when you’re prepping your roast.

    Good for:

    • Cutting meat from bone, slicing tendons.

  • Utility

    The chef’s knife’s smaller, more agile cousin. Brought in for precision work when things get technical.

    Nimble, perfectly balanced, yet hard as nails.

    Good for:

    • Chopping smaller items, like shallots.

  • Paring

    Small but mighty. You know what they say about matters a whole lot.

    The Banquist paring knife is designed to be manoeuvrable, making light work of the delicate stuff.

    Good for:

    • Peeling, trimming, and removing seeds from fruit and veg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Laura Collett
Awesome Customer Service

We used Banquist a lot during lockdown and enjoyed some spectacular meals. Recently I purchased a knife set from them as a gift. DPD failed to deliver but the wonderful folks at Banquist took on dealing with this and are sending me a new set. Amazing customer service!!!

Tiger de Souza
What a difference

I've been bumbling on for years using the same, very old knife set. Tried sharpening but did not realise how blunt they were till I bought this set. Wonderful set of knives that make cooking a joy and I cannot wait to slice and dice in our next Banquist menu. Highly recommended.

Alan Tucker
Top Class knives

These are beautiful quality knives and much more reasonably priced than others

Dorthe Fladholt Nielsen
exellent knives

Such a treat and fabulous quality, I can only recommend these beautiful strong knives👍🏻

Great knives at a great price!

Well-made, super sharp and quick delivery. Very happy with my Banquist blades.

Sustainable cookware built for life.

1. Fair Price

We use the same materials as the best kitchenware in the world, but without the astronomical price tag. Just incredible knives.

2. Built For Life

All Banquist knives are guaranteed for life. We're so confident that if they break or chip, we'll send you a new set free of charge.

3. Carbon Neutral

We are the world's first carbon neutral cookware company, bringing you quality equipment that doesn't cost the earth.

Michelin Star Chef Approved

We've spent years working with the world's best chefs. Our team of 25 chefs hold over 20 Michelin Stars between them.

These knives were designed and tested by them. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you.

Banquist vs "The Best"

Feature Banquist Global Wusthof
Incredible Steel
Lifetime Gurantee
Price £35 per knife £200 per knife £150 per knife
Carbon Neutral
60 Day Test Drive
Michelin Star Chef Approved