• Banquist Gift Card
  • Banquist Gift Card
  • Banquist Gift Card
  • Banquist Gift Card
  • Banquist Gift Card
  • Banquist Gift Card
  • Banquist Gift Card


Banquist Gift Card

The ultimate gift for the foodie in your life! At-home cooking lessons with the world's best chefs, ingredients delivered to your door.

Choose the value of the gift card. After purchase, you will be issued a code via email that can be used for future purchases.

From £100.00

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We Turn You Into a Masterchef

1. Choose Your Lesson

Individual and multi-lesson courses, led by the world's best chefs.

2. Receive Your Box

Your box arrives on your chosen delivery date full of the finest ingredients.

3. Cook and Learn

With step-by-step video guides.

What’s Included?

Fresh, Locally-Sourced Ingredients

Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients delivered to your door every lesson.

On-demand video guides

Step by step videos from your teacher teaching you never-before-seen techniques.

Community Access

24/7 access to the resident Banquist chef and a Whatsapp group with your cohort.

Our Reviews

Our customers are taking their cooking to the next level. Here’s what they’re saying about Banquist:

  • "I buy every meal they do. Strongly recommend. Absolutely top quality."
    John T
    1 year ago
  • "Currently doing the Banquist on-line Pasta course and I’ve got to say I’m so impressed!"
    Anna C
    1 year ago
  • "A great experience which began from the moment the box arrived"
    David C
    1 year ago
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Banquist in the News

  • "We had so much fun doing it - my partner went from a non-cooker to chef with ease"

    The Telegraph

  • "Designed so anyone can cook world class meals at home"

    Town & Country

  • "Turn your kitchen efforts into Michelin Star triumphs"