Sensory-specific satiety

By Andrew Quigley

Jan 12, 2022

Sensory-specific satiety

Why do small portions & classy restaurants go together?

It looks like daylight robbery - pay twice as much and end up with half the portion size. It's a kick in the teeth, especially when the dish in question is 'burnt onion topped with garlic ash'.

Turns out there's actually a very good reason why portions are kept small in top restaurants!

It's all about sensory-specific satiety.

Basically, when we eat lots of the same thing, we get bored and our brains tell us we're full. But, if you introduce a new food type, the feeling of boredom disappears and we can continue eating (that's why it always seems like you've got 'room for dessert').

One of the biggest reasons why we get small portions (but more courses) in top restaurants is to eliminate boredom. The first bite is as good as the last, and we don't get that horrible 'stuffed' feeling.

If you fancy learning more about sensory-specific satiety, watch this brilliant video from Vox.

This week's tip: Don't crack!

from Mike Robinson, the UK's leading game chef


A simple, life changing tip incoming.

Don't plonk eggs straight into boiling water. The temperature shock is what causes them to crack (a bit like pouring hot water straight into a cold glass).

Instead, carefully dance the egg in and out of the boiling water on a spoon. The gradual warming of the egg shell will stop it from cracking. After a few seconds of this, you're good to go.

Your questions answered

by Atul Kochhar, twice Michelin-Starred chef and TV personality

"My spice grinder just takes on the flavour of whatever I last used. Is there any way of cleaning these things?" from Katie


For years I had the same grinder for my cumin and for my coffee - so I know exactly what you're talking about Katie! Nobody needs that extra kick at 7am...

They're actually pretty tough to wash - if your grinder is like mine, you can't get it wet. BUT there is a sneaky trick!

Simply grind up a tbsp of plain white rice. It'll absorb the odour and the friction will clean the inside of the grinder.

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